Chef Bruno Heats Up Ashleigh Aitken’s Campaign for Anaheim Mayor

Anaheim, CA—Chef Bruno Serato has endorsed Ashleigh Aitken for Anaheim Mayor. Serato is the owner of the famed Anaheim White House restaurant and founder of Caterina’s Club, which feeds over 17,000 hungry kids per week in Anaheim and Orange County.

“When I look to my side, Ashleigh is there, helping our neighborhoods and fighting to give every kid a chance to succeed. She’s always been there to support Caterina’s Club and the children we feed,” said Chef Bruno Serato, founder of Caterina’s Club. “Ashleigh will work hard as our next Mayor to bring people together to make Anaheim a city that respects all of our neighborhoods.”

“Chef Bruno cares about the lives he is changing, not just the profits of his business. He’s a shining example of what more of Anaheim’s business leaders could be doing,” said Aitken. “Bruno is helping out in our communities, not because the city made him do something, but because it’s the right thing to do.”