Thank you for getting involved to make Anaheim a better place to live, work, and play.

Anaheim is facing some tough challenges—creating affordable housing, making our public transportation more efficient and affordable, mitigating traffic and parking congestion, assisting the homeless and increasing neighborhood safety for all residents.

I’ve worked my whole career, as an educator, federal prosecutor, and Chair of the Anaheim Community Services Board to bring people together, hold government accountable, and get things done. I'm running for Mayor to unite our neighborhoods to solve today’s problems and strategically plan for Anaheim’s future.

Our infrastructure improvements and development need to match up with the rapidly changing technology that impacts how and where we work and live. As a mother of three, I also understand that our city planning has to ensure that every child in Anaheim has access to the highest quality educational, recreational, and after-school programs.

I look forward to talking with you over the coming months about how we do all this together and keep improving Anaheim for every resident.

Yours truly,